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Marquis de Sade

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Now we all know Marquis De Sade, the sexual pervert imprisoned for his unmistakeably "erotic" tales. Thinking it would be an inspiring and educational subject, the movie industry in 2000 created the biographical movie, or just another excuse to watch pornography, on Marquis de Sade. Although the story with in the story itself was exceptionally... beautiful, I don't suggest watching it because it was a very difficult movie to watch, ESPECIALLY is you are religious. TO my own stupidity, during this long night preparing for the perils ahead in English tomorrow, I decided to take a breather and watch a movie. I must say I wasn't completely sure who this Marquis de Sade was, so I figured why not. I'm not going to be immature about it and say it was a bad movie, but the lifestyle of these people was inhuman and barbaric. And all I have to say is, Thank God I'm not a prostitute or a scullery maid.
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