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Life's Mistakes

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Lately I've been thinking about some stupid pointless drama that goes on at our school and how miserable I am, But I must have done something to have no respect from anyone and nobody could care less. It's honestly sad because I don't feel like i'm doing anything wrong, and say what you want but I seriously don't. I know, I can be an attention hungry loud bitch, but then again can everyone else. I keep thinking 2 more freakin' months, just 2 more months, but I swear I'm going insane. I've taken way to much crap from people and when someone pisses me off I either freeze or snap. I'm to the point where if anyone ignores me, gives me a bad look, or pisses me off in any way what so ever, I'll go on a wild rampage. If anyones reads this, I need help or advice.

P.S. don't you dare tell me how to better myself because I'm sure I can better you too. I'll smack you

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